Foundation makeup, BB & CC Creams VS: Tinted Moisturizers

Posted by Linda A Shepard on

Hi Ladies! The big debate goes on as far as what foundation makeup is supposed to do for your skin, and what it is really does.   Foundation makeup is supposed to enhance your skin color, not cover it up and look caked on or like a mask. 

The biggest mistake us women have about picking foundations out is it's always the wrong color. The lighting in the department stores is usually poor and you cannot really tell what true color you're choosing, that is correct for your skin tone. My suggestion is if you are buying makeup from a department store counter to stripe 3 to 4 sometimes five different colors of foundation on your face between your Chin and neck. If the color blends in completely that is almost invisible then that is the correct color if it turns ashy, red, pink, or any other color it is wrong for your face. This is a hard pick when you're going to buy your makeup at a drugstore because they do not have testers available.

Foundation makeup is to deliver the most intense color to provide an almost flawless base/look to your face rather than what the sheer BB creams, CC creams and Tinted moisturizers offer.  Foundation makeup comes in a variety of applications to the user. Let me clarify by saying that you can go from a light coverage to a full intense coverage with one product, it all depends on how you are applying the foundation product. The medium to Full coverage foundations can be buildable as well.  As a Professional Makeup Artist, I suggest using a foundation brush or sponge as opposed to your hands. Hands have bacteria on them and will transfer that to your face, and cause a myriad of skin issues. 

BB, CC creams and a Tinted Moisturizer are very sheer in their application. They are not supposed to cover like a full to medium coverage foundation. These particular foundations, are for ladies who do not like wearing a heavier foundation. BB, CC creams and Tinted Moisturizers are a lighter almost sheer foundation that deliver the benefits of some color or tint to your face as well as a moisturizer with skin care benefits.

MONEY SAVING TIP: Mix your full coverage foundation with a little moisturizer or a lot depending on the coverage you would like on your face, and it becomes a Tinted Moisturizer, this will save you money as not having to buy another product. Good for the ladies to purchase one foundation for winter and one foundation for summer.